How To Spend Time Outside With The Kids This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and I’m looking forward to it! The longer days and warmer weather mean I’ll have more chances to spend time outdoors, and once the kids get out of school for the season, we’ll be able to take advantage of it as a family. As I look forward to the weeks where I can wear shorts and t-shirts, I’m trying to brainstorm some different ways to spend time outside and away from our tablets, cell phones, and screens. It’s hard, but I think there’s value in good old-fashioned outdoor fun.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to spend time outside with the kids this summer. Not sure how you can enjoy the season with your little ones? Here are a few of my favorite ways to get outdoors and have some fun as a family during the summer months:

Ride bikes together. 

A great way to get outside? Hop on your bikes and go for a spin. Ride to your local library, a nearby park, a summer festival, your favorite ice cream shop, or simply explore the streets and trails around your neighborhood.

Go camping. 

For the ultimate outdoor experience, plan a camping trip. Grab your tent, pack the car, and head off into the mountains - or the woods - for a night or two of off-grid living. You’ll have fun together exploring the wilderness, sharing campfire meals, singing songs and making memories together. Just make sure you check the weather before you go!

Plant a garden. 

If you or your kids have any interest in nurturing their green thumb, starting a garden together can be a great way to enjoy time outdoors, learn a new skill, and have some fun. While this one is definitely a bit of a commitment, you and your kids will enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from growing your very own veggies, herbs, and fruits to cook and eat together.

Wash the car. 

Okay, this one might not be for the kids - but it’s still a way to get the family outside! If the vehicles are due for a good wash, recruit your kiddos to help with the process. They may not be thrilled, but they’ll have more fun than they think, and they won’t complain as much if you tempt them with the promise of allowance money.

Plan a picnic. 

When the weather’s nice, bring a picnic lunch to a nearby park and enjoy a few hours in the sun. Make sandwiches and sides at home or pick up some snacks from your favorite supermarket or deli - and don’t forget the drinks! Bring a football or a frisbee for a game of catch when you’re finished eating.

Find a water park. 

For an adrenaline-packed way to enjoy the summer sun, head to a nearby water park. You’ll usually find tamer attractions, like wave pools and lazy rivers, along with more thrilling high-speed slides and chutes. Most water parks do have height restrictions, so if you’re having fun with little ones, you may have better luck at a local splash pad.

It isn’t hard to find ways to spend time outside during the summer with kids. Just keep your eyes open for opportunities for fun - and keep them off of their tablets and smartphones!

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