How To Show Dad Some Love On Father's Day

While every day should be a day to show Dad some love, it's especially important to show up and make him feel appreciated on Father's Day. After all, this day dedicated to Dad only rolls around once a year. The least you can do is put a little thought and energy into making it special - chances are, he'll return the effort.

Not sure how to make sure Dad knows he's loved on Father's Day? Here are a few of my family's favorite ways to show our appreciation:


You've heard the saying - the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Chances are, the father in your life is no exception. Serve up his favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner to make Father's Day something special. Whether he loves cinnamon rolls, craves the perfect burger, or can't get enough of your lemon bars, pull out all the stops to make his favorite dishes - and, if you can, get the kids involved, too!


For some fathers, the best gift can be the gift of space - and a little alone time. If he's working overtime to provide for your family and could use a little time away with the guys, see if you can make it happen. Gift him a round of golf, a massage, or simply an afternoon where he can watch his favorite team without worrying about entertaining the kids.


Who doesn't love getting presents? Put a bit of thought into it and come up with a gift he's sure to love. Whether you settle on a framed photograph or another gift with a personal touch, a new high-tech toy, or something practical, keep his preference in mind as you pick it out. After all, you know him best!

If you're shopping for a present on behalf of the whole family - little ones included - make sure they get to play a role in the process. Even if they're tasked with picking out the perfect Father's Day card, they'll appreciate being involved.


Does he love surprises? Can he solve a riddle or two? Send him on a custom scavenger hunt to trace his steps back to the places where important moments happened for your family - related to your relationship, your family, or both. Hide clues in places that hold meaning and reward him at the end of his hunt with a delicious dinner at his favorite restaurant, a night at the movies with the family, or something else you know he'll love.


It may sound like a simple gesture, but putting pen to paper and really telling him how you feel may be the most meaningful Father's Day gift you could possibly give. The kids can write one too, or if they'd rather draw, design a card. Seal 'em up in an envelope and give them to him so he can read them whenever he wants.

When Father's Day comes around, finding a way to show Dad some appreciation doesn't have to be hard. With a little thoughtful effort, you'll leave him happy and feeling loved on this day dedicated to Dads everywhere.
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