About Me

Howdy! I'm Jerrell Fuller, a serial cheater, pathological liar, and narcissist, and high school drop-out. Yes, I don't even have my GED and I'm definitely not smarter than a 5th grader since my 9yr old is much smarter than I am. 

After being married for almost 16 years I decided that having one woman wasn't enough and cheated once again on my wife (with a swinger) and this time she was not having it and told me to pack my shit and get the fuck out! I'm formerly from Brooklyn, New York, resided in Colorado Springs, CO and I'm back in Brooklyn once again with the swinger living in my mom's house because I'm a deadbeat and can't afford my own place. I can barely take care of myself or my kids and have been known to give them money and take it back so I can support my swinger's lifestyle. It was quite a change moving from the city to the mountains, but I have to say I loved it and the women there since I couldn't seem to keep my dick in my pants. Not sure what that says about me or them.

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