Easy and Enjoyable Ways to Make the Most of Your Workout

Exercising can be hard! Luckily, you can optimize its benefits while still “taking it easy” and rewarding yourself for your efforts. Here’s what you can do before and after a workout to get your best results…and get happy!

Ways to Make the Most of Your Workout


Prime your body to go hard at the gym by providing it with easily-absorbable proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates!

Best Timing: 1-3 hours before you begin your workout

Water Intake: 2-3 cups beforehand, and 1 cup every 15 to 20 minutes during your regimen (to replenish what you use and sweat out)!

Mood-Lifting Meals:

Easy! Whey Protein Shake

Save your energy for lifting and decrease the effort required of your body to break down and absorb protein by drinking whey protein isolate! Whey’s high absorption rates make it an easy-access form of protein, and when your body doesn’t have to work hard to use it, you can harness that power during your workout instead. It’s also simple to make, so you will be “ready to go” in no time!

Appetizing! Greek Yogurt with Oats and Banana

Greek yogurt offers a lot of protein and is easy to digest! It even helps your digestion with live probiotics while preventing muscle breakdown. Mix in a slow-releasing complex carb like oats, and you will get a steady stream of glucose while you get swole. This will level out that sugar rush from the banana, whose potassium will prevent you from cramping up, so you can take fewer breaks!

Indulgent! PB & J Sandwich

This all-American favorite can provide your physique with everything it needs to get sculpted! All-natural peanut butter is proven to help maintain a healthy weight, and it will pump your body with protein. Slap on some jelly for a burst of energy, and keep it going strong with the complex carbs of whole-wheat bread. You’re sure to feel like a kid again with this healthy snack, and it will help you get through adulting at the gym! 

Boost Your Bod With Pre-Workout Supplements


Enhance your regimen by upping your energy, releasing stored fat cells, and burning more calories…with Caffeine!


Ensure your body doesn’t run out of its reserves during your workout, and you will build more muscle mass and improve your performance…with Creatine!


Give your bod fast-acting fuel to prevent muscle protein breakdown and recover more quickly…with Branch-Chain Amino Acids!


Increase your carnosine levels to reduce the acid buildup in your muscles and lessen your fatigue…with Beta-Alanine!

Save Time and Money: Get ‘em in a Training Bundle!


After your body gives you its all, refuel it with simple carbohydrates so it can restock its glycogen stores. Then, provide your pythons with the proper proteins! This will speed up the nutrient absorption of your muscles and allow their tissues to be repaired more quickly.

Best Timing: Within 1 hour of wrapping up your workout

Water Intake: 2-3 cups

Mood-Lifting Meals

Easy! Chocolate Milk

It may sound “too easy”, but drinking chocolate milk is a scientifically-supported method of replenishing your body after a workout! It has everything you need to start repairing your muscles as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the ideal 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein. It will quickly restock your store of glycogen, meaning your muscles will not feel so tired, and it will hydrate you with fluids and electrolytes, so you won’t feel so thirsty!

Appetizing! Chicken and Veggies with a Baked Potato

Eating simple carbs like vegetables is a double-win! They get your glycogen up while also providing your body with many other essential nutrients. Lean proteins like chicken contain the prerequisite proteins to absorb these nutrients, helping your muscles to repair themselves quicker and grow bigger! Add in one of the most easily-digestible complex carbs to the mix, a potato, and your body will have all the energy it needs to recover right away!

Indulgent! Steak and Red Wine

Farm-to-table beef is not only an exceptionally high source of protein and vitamins, but it's also rich in iron! Iron is what carries oxygen to your cells, which you will especially need after being out of breath. This will help rehabilitate your guns after they pump iron, so you can get beefed-up fast! Cooking a steak can produce carcinogens, but pairing it up with red wine will inhibit their activity within your body. Red wine also contains an antioxidant called resveratrol, which aids in increasing strength and slowing the deterioration of your muscle fibers. Too much alcohol can make it more difficult for your body to recover, so it’s best to treat it as a complementary beverage and not make a meal out of it!

Rally Your Recovery with Post-Workout Supplements


Prevent muscle damage and wastage by supporting your muscle protein synthesis…with Glutamine! 

Meriva 500-SF

Increase your flexibility and relieve your aching muscles by protecting them from stress…with Meriva 500-SF!


Provide your muscles with minerals and keep them hydrated to promote their restoration…with Catalyte!

Super EPA

Balance your post-workout inflammatory response to support healthy muscles and joints…with the Omega-3s in Super EPA!

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Make It Easy…Ask an Expert!

To optimize your workouts and give yourself a break, get a personalized training and meal plan from someone who really knows what they’re talking about! Even better, get in with a program that will analyze your unique body composition and tailor your exercising and eating habits to your goals. Doing so will even keep you accountable, so you won’t have to muster up all the motivation yourself!

Making sure your diet and routine support your vision will ensure you don’t waste time…before, during, or after a workout! You’ll get back precious relaxation time and binge-watching brainpower by skipping the research and experimentation that goes into building your ideal body. 

Take back your power by making training your muscles easier and more enjoyable…and you just might have the power to reach your ideal physique!

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