Restoring Your Yard After Winter

Restoring Your Yard After Winter - Snowfall

We are all excited for spring.  The cold is gone, the days are longer, and we all get to reap the benefits of Vitamin D from the beautiful sunshine.  Spring means tulip bulbs pop through the ground soon to sport their vibrant petals, the parks are filled with the sounds of laughter again, calves make their debut, and the boughs of trees are occupied with various shades of green.  Spring means life and rebirth.  It means that our yards, now brown from the damp, chilling season, will soon turn the color of Kelly Green.  Here is a guide to restoring your yard after winter.

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Raking Your Yard

Just as you rake your yard in the winter, it’s a good idea to rake through your yard in the spring.  This breaks up any knots or unwanted clusters of weeds in your yard.

Aim for Aeration

You may also consider aerating your yard.  Because the grass freezes and unfreezes in a vicious cycle, it’s likely that many of the roots are damaged.  Moreover, the soil may be denser, making it hard for anything to take hold.  Aeration is a good idea because it breaks up the soil and helps the grass to breathe.

Fertilizing is Key

Like you winterized your yard, before the winter months, you will need to fertilize your yard in the spring.  This helps keep weeds out and promote healthy growth for your yard.  Before you select a fertilizer, consider the type of grass in your yard, as well as any known weeds.  Choose a trusted fertilizer and be sure that you properly apply the fertilizer, so as not to burn your yard.  You’ll want to water the yard for a few days, and then, let the grass dry.  Apply the fertilizer evenly through your yard.  This can be done with a handheld dispenser or one that you push.  If you choose not to use granules and use a liquid fertilizer, you can use your hose.  With the dry granules, it’s okay to water a bit after broadcasting; however, do not soak your yard.  This will cause the fertilizer to be washed away.  Also, remember to be safe with the fertilizer.  Keep animals out of the grass, as well as small children.  It’s probably best for everyone to stay off the grass when you fertilize.

Plant Grass Seed

If you have worn out spots in your yard, consider laying down some grass seed.  This can help beef up that part of the yard and make up for the worn-out spots.  Remember to keep off the grass seed and newly grown grass, until it has matured.

Restoring Your Yard After Winter - Seeded Lawn

Water Deeply

You will want to begin getting on a watering schedule.  At this point, the sun should not be too intense, so watering earlier in the day may be your best bet.  Where the nights are still cool, you may want to avoid watering in the evening.  However, conditioning your yard is really up to you.  As you begin watering on a regular schedule, your plants will grow accustomed to that and begin depending on it.  Just remember that it’s early spring, so your yard will not need as much water at this point.

Mow Regularly

Mowing regularly is good for your yard.  It stops weeds from germinating and spreading, and it encourages growth.  The more often you mow, the more your yard will grow.  Be sure that you don’t start mowing too soon after planting the grass seed.  If you wish to thicken the grass, you may also want to let it grow several inches before cutting it and then, get on a regular mowing schedule.

Weed Away

Take advantage of having a larger family.  Put everyone to work on a Saturday morning and get those weeds out.  It’s easier to deal with them when they’re smaller than it is once they’ve taken over.


If you find a pest in your yard, like a grub or some sort of beetle, and you’re unsure of what it is, you can look online to find a picture of it or consult your local state agriculture office.  Also, you can read about your geographic location online and the types of pests that attack your area.  From there, you can find the appropriate pesticide to apply.

Restoring Your Yard After Winter  Backyard

Restoring your yard after winter can prove a bit cumbersome, but overall rewarding process.  With just a few steps, you can be well on your way to beautifying your yard and helping it come back alive.  While you don’t have to do everything suggested in this article, exercising even two to three of these steps can promote growth and get your yard going in the right direction.  Best of luck and happy spring!

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