Ways To Make Date Night Special

When was the last time you planned a date night? If I had to guess, it’s been a while. Life can get busy. Between working your job, raising your kids, maintaining your home, and everything else, finding a few hours to sneak away and spend some quality time with your spouse can seem downright impossible.

But it’s important to make time for the things that matter to you. If your relationship is one of those things, you should make it a priority to spend some time together without the kids, without talking about bills, without dealing with the stress of running a household. Instead, you should go out of your way to really make date night special - especially if it’s a rare occurrence in your home.

Stuck on how to really make your next date night stand out? Here are a few things I try to do to make date night special:

Break the mold. 

An easy way to make date night special? Shake it up. Ditch the standard dinner-and-a-movie routine and do something a little more exciting.

… but what does that mean? 

Well, what does she love? Think about the things you enjoy together and get creative. Go to a planetarium and watch an astronomy show together. Visit a local coffee shop and catch some live music. Embrace your inner child and challenge each other to a game of laser tag at a local arcade. Anything to break your regular routine will go a long way in making your date night special.

Surprise her with a gift. 

If receiving gifts is her love language, kicking off your evening - or wrapping it up - with a small surprise can be a great way to make your date night stand out. A bouquet of flowers or a small piece of jewelry to compliment her outfit can go a long way in making the experience more meaningful.

Learn something new together. 

A great way to really make date night special? Try something that’s new to both of you. Learning new things together can be a great way to keep things exciting, especially if you’ve been together a while.

As far as what you’d like to learn, that’s up to you! Take a cooking class and pick up some new culinary techniques, or embarrass yourselves at an Intro to Ballroom Dancing lesson. Rent paddle boards, head to a local lake, and see who can master them first. See what options exist in your area and find one to take advantage of!

Look for local activities. 

For easy date night inspiration, keep an eye out for local events and activities that might make for a great evening together. Sports games, theatrical performances, tasting events, and local fundraisers can all make excellent date night ideas. Facebook, Eventbrite, and even your local news website can be great resources for one-time events and happenings in town.

Making date night feel special may seem like an impossible task, but with a little extra thought and effort, you’ll blow her away with an evening she won’t soon forget.

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