Things NOT To Fix On Your Own

Do-it-yourself projects are great for cutting costs and sticking to a budget, but sometimes these projects end up costing you more money in time, labor, and headache in the long run. So what are some things that people commonly try to “DIY, but which might be better left to the professionals? Here are seven of them.

Electrical Work

You may be able to handle smaller electrical home projects like changing out your living room light switch or lighting fixture (if you know a thing or two about circuits and remember to turn off the electricity first), but any project larger than that, and you should definitely call a professional. Residential electrical work is extremely dangerous to attempt to do on your own, as you’re risking facing electrical shock or even starting a fire. Moreover, home electrical work is governed by strict codes that need to be adhered to in order to ensure safety in the home.

Anything Inside Your Home’s Walls

So you saw an inspiring interior design photo on Pinterest, only it requires moving a wall or two to replicate the look in your own home. The problem with moving walls around in the home is that it can compromise your home’s electrical or plumbing system, not to mention undermine the very foundation of your home. In addition, moving walls in the interior of your home can make your home less appealing to future prospective buyers when it comes time to sell your home. So if you hope to do some interior remodeling, be sure to hire a professional contractor who can offer invaluable insights and get the job done right.

Plumbing Work

This is another area where you can likely handle smaller-scale projects, such as a leaky faucet, but should leave the heavy work to a professional. If you’re attempting to do anything more than fix a leaky faucet or replace a showerhead in the bathroom, you could risk undermining your home’s water supply lines or water heating system.

Roofing Repairs

Roof repairs are especially dangerous to attempt to do on your own because most homeowners don’t have the tools and expertise necessary to carry out the job safely—regardless of how simple the repair might seem to be. Instead of attempting to nail down new shingles or roll out new underlayment yourself, hire a professional to weatherproof your roof effectively (and protect your safety in the process).

Auto Repairs

There are some aspects of auto repair and maintenance, such as changing tires or even your oil, that is perfectly acceptable to attempt on your own. However, vehicles today are an increasingly complicated mixture of computers and mechanical components, which leads to a host of issues, such as smoking exhausts, transmission issues, and faulty speedometers. This means that most repairs are probably best left to the professionals, unless you have extensive automotive experience.

Cutting Down Trees

Tree cutting is much more than simply grabbing a chainsaw and hacking at the limbs you want to be trimmed away. It’s also inherently dangerous; many homeowners attempt to do things—like sawing branches while in a tree or cutting down a tree entirely—that could ultimately end with a trip to the emergency room. If you’re looking into doing some serious tree trimming, especially with trees that are larger than four feet tall or that are located close to a home or power line, don’t try to do the trimming yourself.

Small Business Finances

If you own a small business, then you’re well familiar with the many hoops you need to jump through and the intricacies you need to address in order to keep things running smoothly. And if you’re considering starting a small business, then you likely haven’t quite anticipated all of the extra work that’s associated with running a business. Many see owning a small business as the ultimate way to create a job from the ground up and to make money on your own terms, but if you want to own a successful business that employs any small number of individuals and stands on a foundation of sound finances, it’s best to outsource things like bookkeeping and tax preparation to a professional.
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