Everything You Need For Your At-Home Gym

Getting yourself to the gym every day can be such a hassle. The commute to and from the gym sometimes takes up enough time that there’s no such thing as a “quick” workout or trip to the gym. Sometimes you have twenty minutes to fit in a workout, and can’t spare even a moment of that to drive to the gym. At-home workouts can be really effective, but it’s difficult and discouraging when you don’t have the necessary equipment. Doing crunches on the living room floor amid children’s toys, and using canned beans instead of weights, only works for so long. If you’re considering taking the plunge to set up an at-home gym, here are our tips and the equipment you’ll need!

Pick a spot for your gym

Having a dedicated spot in your home for your gym is really important to the success of your at-home gym. Picking a different place to work out every day is not only inconvenient, but it can also get messy and disorganized quickly. Pick one room to dedicate to working out, even if it’s a multipurpose room. One of the easiest rooms to do this in is your garage. Section off a corner of the gym for your equipment. When you’re working out, you can always open up your garage to give yourself more room to work, and when you’re finished, return all of your equipment to your gym corner. Another place you can efficiently work out of is your office if you have enough space. If you’re good at organizing a small space and can repurpose half of the room for exercise equipment, this is a great alternative!

Equipment essentials

Unless you have a significant amount of space to work with, you want to be sparing with which equipment you select for your home gym. You don’t want to invest in equipment you won’t actually use, so be careful with your selection. What’s right for one person might not be right for the next, so be thoughtful in your equipment selection. What do you use most when you go to the gym? Do you hang out at the squat rack, or is a treadmill your ultimate gym buddy? Make sure that you do your research and buy the equipment that you actually need, instead of compromising with a crappy cheap one. For example, if you’re going to get a cardio machine, such as a treadmill, look for one that is foldable so that it won’t take up too much space and you can tuck it away when it’s not in use. If it’s a machine that actually suits what you need it for, you’re much more likely to use it.

Power rack and free weights

Weightlifting is a huge part of most workout routines, whether you’re trying to tone or bulk. Instead of getting weight lifting machines that are designed to target just one or a few muscle groups at a time, invest in a power rack and free weights. Getting a power rack will give you the ability to do overhead lifts, as well as utilize it as a smith machine. This helps you lift weights more safely.

Bench or box

Having a bench helps you do more exercises, so you have something to sit on, or even step onto, during your workouts. It can be utilized with weight training, or you can do box jumps, which is a great cardio workout that will work your core, as well as build muscles in your lower half. An adjustable bench is going to be your best bet for a functional piece of equipment that you’ll be able to utilize in many different ways.


Something a lot of people fail to consider when they’re planning their home gym is that the floor of your garage is pretty hard, and not very comfortable. Try doing situps on the concrete floor, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Interlocking foam mats are an inexpensive and durable option and can be customized to any size. In the meantime, you can always use your yoga mat to give your back a break.

If you're in the market for a home gym, I hope these tips will help you get started.
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