Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Sport ~ The Manly Fragrance

Today it's all about smelling like a man, a big strong man, and Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Sport does just that.

AnnMarie stated that it has been almost 4 months since I last posted... apparently she's been checking. Since blogging is all new to me, finding the time to write in detail is something I struggle with. I'm now more appreciative of the work that she does now that I've seen how difficult it can be, after all it has taken me 4 months just to get to post number two. So after careful consideration and a bit of advice from my wife who has been doing this way longer than I have, the decision to post at least twice a month is now the goal.

She has been sharing her monthly perfumes that she adores, and which I think she has way too much of, so when she mentioned that maybe I could at least share one of my favorite, I figured why not. After all men do love smelling great too, and maybe there might be some lady out there looking for a cologne for her significant other, but have no idea what to get. That's why I'm here.

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Sport was actually a gift I received from Ann this past Christmas, and while it hasn't been used much, not because I didn't love it, but because there hasn't really been many occasions to wear it. I personally think that this is best used when going on a date instead of daily.

Yves Saint Lauren't L'Homme Sport has starts off with a fresh clean scent, but it also has a lingering woody fragrance of cedar that seems to attract women. Whenever I wear it my wife always mention that it smells amazing, and has also threatened to claim it as her own.

While I would never classify it as a unisex scent, maybe having your wife wear it might keep the guys at bay.

If you're looking for a cologne for the man in your life and have no idea what to get him, Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Sport will be a hit. Think sexy with a hint of mystery. He'll love it!

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